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Skate Park


EMBER is a family run organisation started by Toni and Billy Sullivan. Both growing up in South East London they have seen and experienced first hand the variety of difficulties that todays young people can face. Throughout their lives they have worked with children and youth in varying roles, including working in schools, youth work in churches, and childminding. From this work they were able to see the difficulties that young people were still experiencing, which only seemed to worsen once the first lockdown hit the UK.

In Tonbridge the number of activities that young people can take part in has declined, with the closing of more and more leisure facilities and groups, and the rise in popularity of skateboarding, scooting and BMXing the vision of EMBER was born. The initial plan was to get a premises to work from, but we quickly realised this would take some time due to the restrictions in place caused by the pandemic, so we began doing detached youthwork. We started going into the areas young people were, building trusted relationships and support them as individuals and as a community. Through doing this we are now working closely with families, helping some young people return to school after leaving or being removed, and in conversation with local schools to run some youth groups within the school to support more of the young people in the area.

16:00 – 19:00

EMBER Youth Club at Tonbridge Methodist Church

Each Friday EMBER are running a Youth Club for young people aged 10-16 at the Tonbridge Methodist Church. We will have toast, drinks, crisps and sweets as well as games and activities. So if you want a place to spend time with friends, or somewhere to just relax and chat to our leaders, just come along.