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Weekly ‘Alpha’ starts Tues 26th April, 8-9pm on Zoom

Exploring faith...Asking questions…and Sharing views


I'm starting another Alpha via Zoom on Tuesdays- beginning 26th April, 8-9pm. There are 11 sessions suitable for all those with questions about life, faith, God. Maybe you would say you have no faith, or that you have a faith and would like to revisit why you have it, this is your chance!  Please email me to register: or register via the church websites. I'm really excited to watch the brilliant videos again and for the weekly 20-30 minute chat/discussion we have afterwards. During the last two courses we have had some great discussions- some people talk more than others and that’s absolutely fine, if you’d rather listen that’s no problem! All of you are really welcome- family, church friends, friends, colleagues, people who have done an Alpha before etc! If this is all new to you and you are interested, please do get in touch, you can try for a week and see how you get on! I hope you will find it as interesting and helpful as I do.

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