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Community wednesdays

TMC Community Wednesday is here!!

FEAST Fresh Larder : Guests pre-book a slot between 10.30 and 12 via

Café 10 – 12: open to all, offering drinks and cakes/biscuits.

Toddler zone 10-12: all welcome

Community lunch 12-1.30pm: a simple soup and bread lunch, using surplus food from the larder. Pay as you can (if you are able to give a small amount it will go towards supporting others). Open to all.

Lunch/after lunch games and chat: lunchtime until 2.30pm (jenga, cards, dominoes, yahtzee etc) All welcome.

The café, toddlerzone, lunch and games are open to all on a drop in basis (as well as for those who have booked to use the larder who are all welcome).

For more information contact Kate Walker

Please help spread the word on your own Social Media pages- thanks!

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