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Monday Morning House Fellowship
Town House Group

The Town House Group normally meets on the third Wednesday morning of each month in members' homes.  Some of the members take turns in leading the sessions. 


The group either studies individual books of the Bible, using booklets produced for this purpose, or one of the York Courses on Bible-related subjects. 


The aim is to explore the relevance of the Bible to today's situations and problems.

A dozen or so meet in one another's houses once a month at 10a.m., usually on the third Monday morning for Bible study and discussion.

The sessions are very informal and include light refreshments.

Numbers are limited by the size of our living rooms and the need for all to have a good view of the screen if we are following a study series on DVD.

Over recent years we have used a number of York Courses featuring prominent Christian figures giving their thoughts on a variety of topics. As well as the CD, booklets with additional material and questions for group discussion form part of the package.

Our own views vary from time to time, but everyone's input is treated with respect.

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